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Welcome to Star Wars Saturdays![edit]

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Star Wars Saturdays is a living anthology campaign series of tabletop Role-Playing Games GMed or facilitated by Rich Rogers and others. The series is part of the Gauntlet community of avid gamers who play primarily online.

Star Wars Saturday: Special Edition[edit]

In December of 2020, and again in December 2021, the Gauntlet community held a mini-con celebrating Star Wars Saturdays. During this mini-con, dozens of different game sessions were held across two days. Nearly a hundred people participated and told stories in a variety of Star Wars timelines. It is AWESOME.

Stars in the Dark[edit]

In 2021, Anders Gabrielsson started a campaign of Stars in the Dark. This series has been the longest SWS series ever. It's a brilliant reskin of Blades in the Dark, and Rich has had the honor of playing in the series.

The SWS Series of Games Played[edit]

This is a listing of the different Role-playing Game Systems played in Star Wars Saturdays. Several of them have been used for multiple different stories.

Settings of Note[edit]

This is a listing of the important places visited in Star Wars Saturdays.

Important Characters[edit]

This is a listing of some of the notable characters who've appeared in Star Wars Saturdays games.

  • Grask Tarvo, a Weequay Republic soldier and pilot
  • Zuto the Bounty Hunter
  • Janela Jan'Tek the Zeltron
  • Kell Trazzik human jack of many violent trades
  • Dorn Krenth - an Ithorian punk band from Wothe, a moon of Belthu ("Wothe to the Shepherds")
  • Mora Vader - the legendary daughter of Darth Vader?!?!?

Noteworthy Media[edit]

This is a listing of some of the memorable media that has been aired or created in Star Wars Saturdays games.

  • Hearts of the Force - a HoloNET series from Adarlon about Jedi, considered a silly romp by some and canon by others
  • Hunter's Hunted - a musical about Bounty Hunters written and directed by Tal'Ahn the Twi'lek
  • Fear of the Obsidian Clone I-III - a series of HoloNET action movies, with action!!!

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