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Welcome to Star Wars Saturdays![edit]

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Star Wars Saturdays is a living anthology campaign series of tabletop Role-Playing Games GMed or facilitated by Rich Rogers and others.

Star Wars Saturday: Special Edition[edit]

In December 2020, and again in December 2021, the community held a mini-con celebrating Star Wars Saturdays. During this mini-con, dozens of different game sessions were held across two days. Nearly a hundred people participated and told stories in a variety of Star Wars timelines. It is AWESOME.

Stars in the Dark[edit]

In 2021, Anders Gabrielsson started a campaign of Stars in the Dark. This series has been the longest SWS series ever. It's a brilliant reskin of Blades in the Dark, and Rich has had the honor of playing in the series.

The SWS Series of Games Played[edit]

This is a listing of the different Role-playing Game Systems played in Star Wars Saturdays. Several of them have been used for multiple different stories.

  1. 2400 Cosmic Highway
  2. A Complicated Profession
  3. Aces in Space - Firebrands
  4. Action Movie World
  5. After\\Burner
  6. Against the Sith Conspiracy
  7. Airlock
  8. Apocalypse World: Burned Over
  9. Apocalypse World Tatooine
  10. Before the Rebellion / Sorry End of Space
  11. Blades in the Dark
  12. Bounty of the Week
  13. Broken Binary
  14. Burned Over Star Wars World
  15. Burning Hearts Forever
  16. Butterflies & Hurricanes
  17. cbr+pnk
  18. Comrades
  19. Cortex Plus
  20. Dian Xin
  21. Don't Rest Your Saber
  22. Double or Nothing
  23. The Droids
  24. Extinction
  25. Fellowship
  26. The Final Rebel
  27. Flotsam: Adrift Amongst the Stars
  28. Galactic
  29. Ghost Orbit
  30. Golgotha
  31. Gravity RIP
  32. Hack in the Black
  33. Hearts of The Force
  34. Hell on Legs
  35. Holdfast Station
  36. Hollowpoint
  37. Hunt the Wicked
  38. Hutt Cartel
  39. HyperspaceD6
  40. Impulse Drive Tramp Freighter
  41. Infinite Galaxies
  42. Justice Velocity
  43. Last Imperial Fleet
  44. The Last Shift
  45. Misspent Youth on Ryloth
  46. MoonPunk
  47. Neon City Overdrive
  48. No Moff's Galaxy
  49. Offworlders
  50. Padawans in the Vineyard
  51. PasiĆ³n de las Pasiones
  52. Pew Pew! Bounty Hunters in Space!
  53. Plutonian Shore
  54. Poutine
  55. Primetime Adventures
  56. Rascals
  57. Rebel Blackbird
  58. Republic Rifles
  59. The Rebel Few
  60. Red Air
  61. Retrostar
  62. Road Trip
  63. Rovers
  64. Rust Hulks
  65. Scum & Villainy
  66. Sea of Stars
  67. See You, Space Cowboy
  68. Senate and Sabers
  69. Shooting the Moon
  70. Smashball
  71. Solar Blades & Cosmic Spells
  72. Space Aces
  73. Spacers
  74. Spirit of 77
  75. The Sprawl
  76. Star Dogs
  77. Star Fighter
  78. Star Wars World
  79. Star Wars: Witch Squadron
  80. Star Riders
  81. Starscape
  82. Stellar Conflict
  83. Storm Furies
  84. Superstars: Racing Icons
  85. Swoop Gangs
  86. SwoDu
  87. Teens in Space
  88. 'Terps
  89. Thirsty Sword Lesbians
  90. Thrilling Adventures!
  91. Trash Planet Raxus Prime
  92. Trophy: The Sith Temple
  93. Trouble for Hire
  94. The Veil
  95. Void Vultures
  96. Warbirds
  97. What's so Temping about the Dark Side?
  98. White Star
  99. The Wind Began to Howl
  100. X-Plorers

Also played under the SWS banner:

Settings of Note[edit]

This is a listing of the important places visited in Star Wars Saturdays.

Important Characters[edit]

This is a listing of some of the notable characters who've appeared in Star Wars Saturdays games.

  • Grask Tarvo, a Weequay Republic soldier and pilot
  • Zuto the Bounty Hunter
  • Janela Jan'Tek the Zeltron
  • Kell Trazzik human jack of many violent trades
  • Dorn Krenth - an Ithorian punk band from Wothe, a moon of Belthu ("Wothe to the Shepherds")
  • Mora Vader - the legendary daughter of Darth Vader?!?!?

Noteworthy Media[edit]

This is a listing of some of the memorable media that has been aired or created in Star Wars Saturdays games.

  • Hearts of the Force - a HoloNET series from Adarlon about Jedi, considered a silly romp by some and canon by others
  • Hunter's Hunted - a musical about Bounty Hunters written and directed by Tal'Ahn the Twi'lek
  • Fear of the Obsidian Clone I-III - a series of HoloNET action movies, with action!!!

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